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       Title: Low-Fat Cream Of Carrot Soup
  Categories: soups, vegetables
       Yield: 1 servings
       5    cooked carrots
       2    cooked peeled potatoes
       1    cooked onion
       1    can chicken broth (10 oz.)
       1    can water (10 oz.)
       1 tb curry powder
       1 ts minced fresh ginger root
       1    salt and pepper to taste
   In blender, puree carrots, potatoes and onion until smooth; add to         
   microwaveable bowl.  Add chicken broth, water, curry powder, ginger        
   root and salt and pepper to taste.  Heat at high for 4 minutes or          
   until heated through, stirring once.                                       
   Source: Oakville Journal- Aug. 20, 1996