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       Title: French Onion Soup (Vegan)
  Categories: Soups, Lowfat, Prodigy, Dec.
       Yield: 8 servings
       8 c  Onions
            - cut in thin half circles
       6 c  Water
       4    Fresh garlic bulbs
            - pressed or minced
     1/4 c  Tamari soy sauce
       2 tb Powdered vegetable broth
   A simple fat free delicious onion soup that was
   altered to nonfat from the original recipe.  For a
   richer soup, you may add 4T butter and use regular
   cheese in hot soup.  The nutritional analysis does not
   reflect the changes. In a large non stick skillet
   saute half the onions until they are a deep brown but
   not burned. The trick is to cook them until they are
   well browned and tender yet still have a little
   firmness. Add a little water at a time to keep onions
   from sticking. If you have chosen to use butter then
   you can saute the onions in butter. Repeat with
   remaining onions. In a 3-4 qt pot place all the
   sauteed onions the garlic & water. Bring to a boil
   reduce heat and simmer covered about 20 min or until
   soup broth is quite flavorful. Turn burner to lowest
   heat. Add tamari and vegetable broth powder. Add a
   little more water if desired.
    Serve hot topped with cheese & croutons or French
   bread. The nutritional analysis does not reflect these
   additions. Nutrition (per serving): 73 calorie  Total
   Fat  0 g   (4% of calories) :
   D/L from Prodigy 12-14-94. Recipe collection of Sue
   Smith. 1.80á