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       Yield: 8 servings
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       5 c  Sliced onions; 5 md onions
       3 tb Sherry;
       1 tb Margarine;
       1 tb Unbleached flour;
       6 c  Beef stock; (See below)
   3 1/2 tb Low-sodium soy sauce;
     3/4 ts Black pepper; freshly ground
     1/2 c  Parmesan cheese; grated 2oz
 ------------------------BEEF STOCK------------------------
   2 1/2 lb Beef bones;
       4 qt Water;
       5 x  Whole anise seeds;
       5 x  Celery tops;
       2 x  Whole onions;
      12 x  Peppercorns;
   French Onion Soup: In a large heavy-gauge soup pot
   saute the onions, dry, for about 2 minutes.  When the
   bottom of the pot begins to brown, add the sherry and
   continue to saute the onions for 4 more minutes. Move
   the onions to a side, and melt the margarine in the
   pot. Sprinkle the flour over the margarine and stir
   the margarine-flour mixture. Slowly add 1 cup of the
   beef broth into the margarine-flour mixture, stirring
   as mixture thickens slightly.  Combine the liquid with
   the cooked onions. Add the remaining 5 cups of the
   stock, soy sauce, and pepper, and simmer for 15
   minutes. Serve with 1 tblspoon of grated Parmesan
   cheese. YIELD: Makes 8 (3/4-cup) servings Per Serving:
   74 cals, 4.5gm protein, 1.8gm total fat, 9gm carbo,
   0mg chol, 1.7gm fiber, 320mg sodium, 34mg calcium.
   Exchanges per serving: 3/4 meat -- 1.5 vegetable
   BEEF STOCK: IN an 8-quart stock pot combine all the
   ingredients and simmer for 1 1/2 hours, uncovered.
   Strain through a colander. YIELD:Makes about 2.5 qts.
   Per Serving: 16 cals, 3.6gm protein, 0gm total fat,
   0gm carbo, 0mg chol, 0gm fiber, 65mg sodium, 0.3mg
   calcium Exchanges: 1/3 meat
   SOURCE:  The N/S Flavor Set-Point Weight-Loss Cookbk