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      Title: Mandarin Hot and Sour Soup
 Categories: Soups 999    
   Servings:    4
       8 c  Soup stock, 6-8 cups              1/4 lb Pork, lean 
     1/2 ea Square bean curd (optional)       1/4 c  Shredded bamboo shoot 
 	    3 ea Dried black mushrooms 2-3*	     2 T  Sliced can button
 	    4 ea Dried wood ears (optional)*	     2 ea Stalks green onion,
       1 ea Slice cooked ham, shredded**        4 T  Vinegar 
       1 t  Chili Oil (optional)             1/4 t  White pepper 
     3/4 t  Salt                              1/2 t  Sesame oil 
     1/2 t  Sugar                               1 T  Soy sauce 
       2 ea Eggs lightly beaten                 3 T  Cornstarch in 3 T water 
   * Soaked and shredded.
   ** Optional
   Bring soup stock to a boil, add shredded pork, black mushrooms and wood
   ears. Cook 2-3 minutes. Add remainder of ingredients and seasonings
   (except cornstarch, eggs, and green onion) reduce heat and simmer for 2
   minutes. Thicken with cornstarch and turn off heat. Slowly pour in beaten
   eggs in a thin stream while stirring. Serve immediately. Garnish with
   green onion.
   If soup is to be prepared ahead of time, do not add cornstarch and eggs
   until serving time. Otherwise the egg will be overcooked and spoil the
   appearance. Soup should be quite hot and sour. Adjust the hotness with
   varying amount of white pepper and the sourness with different amounts of