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            Title: TORTILLA SOUP
       Categories: Soups, Mexican, Usenet
            Yield: 4 servings
           12    Corn tortillas
            2 c  Tomato sauce
                 -(2 standard cans)
          1/4 c  Onion, chopped
                 Pork rinds, crushed
                 Mozzarella cheese,
                 Avocado, chopped
                 Oil for frying
        Cut the tortillas into strips (about 1 inch wide).  Fry the 
      tortillas in the oil until golden brown and crispy. Dry them in a 
      paper towel and add a little salt.
        To make the soup:  In a medium kettle saute the onions in a bit of 
      oil until they become translucent. Mix about 2 cups of water with the
      tomato sauce and bring to a boil. Set aside. Add salt and pepper to
        To serve:  pour the soup into 4 soup bowls.  Put some tortilla 
      strips in each bowl. Bring them to the table along with the cheese, 
      pork rinds and avocado. Each person adds the rest to his/her soup to 
      their taste. You can add some tabasco sauce to the soup to make it hot 
      or use any cheese that will melt when added to the soup.^?
      *  A soup with crispy tortillas -- This is my recipe for a soup that
      is very popular in Mexico. If you have ever wondered what to do with
      some leftover tortillas that are in your refrigerator, then read   
      this recipe. If you haven't wondered, then do it with fresh tortillas.
      *  Pork rinds are a typical Mexican snack that is sold in many
      supermarkets in bulk or in the snack area.
      : Difficulty:  easy
      : Time:  10 minutes
      : Precision:  no need to measure.
      : I.  Arieh Cimet
      : Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA
      : {ihnp4,chinet}!nucsrl!cimeti
      : Copyright (C) 1986 USENET Community Trust