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       Title: Vegetable Broth
  Categories: Soups, Vegetarian, Vegan
       Yield: 6 cups
       3 qt Water
       3 lg Leeks, washed well, ends
            -removed, diced
       3 lg Onions; peeled, ends removed
       1 c  Shallots; chopped
       2 lg Carrots; peeled, ends
            -removed, diced
       3 c  Dry white wine
       1 bn Parsley stems; washed
       2    Bay leaves
       2 tb Black peppercorns
   Place the water in a larges tock pot.  Add the leeks,
   onions, shallots, carrots, and wine.
   Bring to a simmer over medium heat, skim the surface
   and add the parsley stems, bay leaves and peppercorns.
   Return to a gentle simmer, partially cover and cook
   for 4 hours, adding more water if necessary to keep
   the ingredients covered. Remove from heat and strain
   through a fine sieve; discard solids.  Cool slightly
   and refrigerate until ready to use. Broth will keep in
   refrigerator for up to 5 days of well covered, or
   frozen for 1 month.
   Nutritional info per serving:27 cal; 1g pro, 6g carb,
   tr fat (3%) Exchanges: 1 veg
   Source: Miami Herald, 2/8/96
   formatted by Lisa Crawford, 4/22/96