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       Title: Fire Stew
  Categories: Spices/etc., Soups/stews
       Yield: 12 servings
   2 1/2 lb Sugar-cured ham
       6 oz Dr. Schnitzel’s hot sauce
       4 oz Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce
       1 lb Lentils
       1 lb Kidney Beans
       4 oz Tabasco Sauce
      Put the ham, lentils and beans in enough water to cover.  Cook
   until beans are done.  Put in all hot sauces.  Cook several more
   hours, until the flavor is all through the ham, which is thoroughly
   broken apart.
      Serve with something cold to drink.  It’s great for your sinuses.
   I just threw this together because I was feeling reckless, but the
   taste was wonderful, and the stuff freezes well, too.  Both Dr.
   Schnitzel’s and the Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce are haba¤ero sauces,
   which I think accounts for the wonderful flavor (as well as the
   heat.)  Tabasco alone would work, if you used a *lot*, but the flavor
   wouldn't be as good, I think.
      Happy sweating!
      Recipe by Brian H. Groover.