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       Title: Beef Stew #3
  Categories: Stews
       Yield: 1 servings
         2 lb beef  -- cubed
         3    Carrots  -- in large chunks
         4    Potatoes  -- cut into
   :          eights
         1 lg Onion  -- chopped
         2 pk Brown Gravy
   :          Salt  -- to taste
   :          Pepper  -- to taste
   :          Water
   :          Flour
   :          Oil
   Coat meat lightly with flour and brown in oil (or you
   can stick the coated meat on a broiler pan and brown
   it in the oven (saves time and has the added option of
   not being fried in oil). Put meat in stew pan (I used
   a large turkey roasting covered pan), add carrot
   chunks, potatoe chunks and onion.  Add enough water to
   cover everything and put in the oven @ 350 for 2.5
   hours.  After the stew has been in the oven for
   approx.  1.5 hours add the packaged dry gravy (no need
   to mix it with water -- there should be enough water
   in the stew pan).  Mix it in well and continue
   stewing! This is great served with dinner rolls and a
   green salad.
   Recipe By     : lauraa@dragonwings.EBay.Sun.COM (Laura