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       Title: Spicy, Tomato-Based Vegetable Stew
  Categories: Stews, Very low fa
       Yield: 1 servings
         2    onions  -- chopped
         2    cloves garlic
       1/2    hot chili pepper
         3 lb carrots  -- in chunks
         3 lb turnips  -- in chunks
         3 lb parsnips  -- in chunks
   :          (proportio
         2 lb mushrooms  -- quartered
         3 pt chicken stock
         6 oz tomato paste
   Saute the following in 'enough' vegetable oil adding
   the ingredients in the order specified: 2
         onions (chopped) 2+       cloves garlic 1/2 hot
   chilli pepper  (don't go overboard!) 3-4 lbs  carrots,
   turnips, parsnips in chunks (proportion according to
   taste) 1-2 lbs  mushrooms (quartered) Once the veg are
   done, add enough of the following stock to cover them
   with a little room to spare: 3 pts    chicken/chicken
   flavor stock 1 small can of tomato paste Season with
   oregano, basil, and whatever you feel like. The
   important thing with this recipe is to taste regularly
   and go with your gut as to what is best. Serve the
   'sauce' over a bed of couscous. Note: ----- To this
   you can add anything from meatballs to spicy sausages
   to ... nothing.  It freezes really well, so I make it
   in very large batches.
   Recipe By     : cammer@cs.uchicago.edu (Daniel