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  Categories: Main dish, Meats, Soups
       Yield: 8 servings
       1 tb Vegetable oil
       2 lb Pork butt; cut into 2 cubes
       1 sm Onion; finely diced
       5 c  Chicken stock
            -OR low-sodium chicken broth
     3/4 c  Dried Lima beans
       1 ts Caraway seeds
     1/2 ts Salt; or to taste
       1 c  Corn kernels
       3 md Red peppers; seeded & diced
     1/2 c  Plain yogurt
     1/2 ts Salt; or to taste
            Freshly ground pepper
            - to taste
   PREHEAT OVEN TO 325F. In a Dutch oven or heavy 3-quart pot, heat the oil
   over high heat on top of the stove, add the pork in batches and brown very
   well. Do not crowd or the meat will not brown. Remove and reserve the meat
   on a plate as it is browned. Discard the fat in the pot. Lower flame, add
   the onion and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes to dissolve the browned bits
   that have stuck to the bottom of the pot. Return the meat to the pot, add
   the stock, beans and caraway. Cover and place in oven for 1 1/2 hours or
   until pork is tender and the beans are cooked. Transfer pot to the top of
   the stove. Add salt, corn and peppers. Cook, uncovered, over high heat for
   5 minutes to thicken the liquid in the pot. Stir constantly. Remove from
   heat and stir in the yogurt. Add the salt and freshly ground pepper to