6-8 oz. dry chunk style TVP® (Lummen Foods “Beef” flavor works well)
 1 1/2 c. veg bullion
 1 T reduced fat margarine
 2 T catsup
 1 T brown sugar
 1 T worchestershire sauce
 1 clove garlic, minced
 1 package fresh mushrooms (sliced)
 1 medium onion
 3 T flour
 1 c. FF sour cream (I think I used just 1/2 c.)
 You will also need “no yolks” eggless noodles and poppy seeds. 
 Reconstitute TVP® according to directions.  While it is soaking, saute
 mushrooms, onion, and garlic together.  Reserve 1/3 c. bullion.  Add
 remaining ingredients except flour to mushroom/onion mixture.  Heat
 to boiling and simmer for a minute or two.  Add TVP®.  Simmer 15-30
 minutes.  (Until TVP® is consistency you like)  Add flour to 1/3 c.
 bullion in a shaker container (watch the cap if the broth is hot!)
 and shake well.  Add to dish to thicken.  Turn heat off and fold in
 sour cream (you can use less than a cup if you wish).  Serve over
 noodles and sprinkle with poppy seeds.  YUM!!
 Variations:  Add some cooking sherry for extra flavor!
 TVP is a registered trademark of Archer-Daniels-Midland Company.