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       Title: Corn Tortillas
  Categories: Breads, Ethnic
       Yield: 1 Servings
       4 c  Finely ground deep yellow
            -masa Harina
   2 3/4 c  Cold water
       1 ts Salt
   In large bowl combine all ingredients and stir until smooth. The dough
   should be slightly sticky and form a ball when pressed together. To test,
   flatten a small of dough between your palms. If the edges crack, add water
   to the dough, a tablespoon at a time, until a test piece does not crack.
   Divide the dough into 24 golf ball size pieces for tacos and 12 large balls
   for quesadillas. Place on a platter and cover with a damp towel. Line a
   tortilla press with 2 sheets of plastic cut from a plastic freezer bag or
   other heavy duty plastic bag. Heat a dry cast iron skillet, nonstick pan or
   comal until moderately hot. Flatten each ball of dough in the tortilla
   press, then remove the plastic from the top and, holding the tortilla with
   your fingertips, peel off the bottom sheet. Lay the tortillas one by one on
   the skillet and cook about 30 to 45 seconds per side, pressing the top of
   each tortilla with your fingertips to make it puff. Place the hot tortillas
   on a towel. When they are still warm but not hot, stack and wrap in a
   towel. Serve immediately or let cool, wrap well in plastic or a plastic bag
   and store in the refrigerator up to a week. Source: Too Hot Tamales, TVFN.
   MM Waldine Van Geffen vghc42a@prodigy.com.