MMMMM----- Meal-Master Recipe via Home Cookin 2.8
       Title: Banana Corn Bread Loaf
  Categories: Home Cookin,
       Yield: 4
   2-1/2 c  sifted bread flour
     3/4 c  stone ground cornmeal
       1    1/2 teaspoon salt
       3 tb brown sugar, packed
       2 tb butter, cut into 4 pieces
       5 oz milk (1/2 cup + 2
   2-1/2 ts active dry yeast
     3/4 c  mashed ripe banana
            Yield: makes 1 1/2 pound
   Leavened with yeast
   Requires a bread machine
   Here’s one of my favorite breads to make. The trick here is to
   use stone ground cornmeal, not the powdered/bleached variety. It
   gives the bread a great flavor, and a really nice coarse texture.
   The combination of ingredients give it a very different flavor
   than standard banana/nut or pan-baked corn bread. Scott
   1. Process the ingredients according to the manufacturer’s
   instructions for a basic bread setting.
   2. Add mashed banana to milk in machine.
   3. Set machine on “light” crust setting.