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       Title: Salt rising Bread ( text )
  Categories: Breads, Joan’s Kitchen
       Yield: 1 servings
   Salt rising bread is a bread made from a
   potato/cornmeal starter which produces the only
   leavening in the recipe. This is a fickle bread
   because sometimes the mixture doesnt “take ”. It is
   called salt rising not because of salt content but
   because the bowl containing the starter was packed or
   surrounded by salt to keep the bread warm!
   The recipe is a challenge because of this. Technically
   it is not a hard bread to make. If your starter doesnt
   bubble, foam , smell yeasty or unpleasant ( like
   ripened cheese ) then DONT BOTHER TO CONTNUE WITH THE
   If you consult old cookbooks you will find a variety
   of salt rising recipes. This recipe was passed on by a
   person who has made delicious successful bread. Ive
   had great results with this recipe. Please remember
   one thing: salt rising breads demand constant
   warmth.So make sure even utensils are warm. The
   finished bread is most delicious with a texture
   similar to yeast risen breads. Salt rising breads tend
   to be heavier and denser than most yeast risen white
   breads. The bread is excellent toasted. Now see the
   separate recipe and tips.