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                                Salt Sticks
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    1      cup           Skim milk
      1/2  cup           Warm (110 F.) water
    1      tablespoon    Lard or unsalted butter
    1      package       Dry yeast
      1/2  cup           Water
    1      cup           Rye flour
    2      teaspoon      Sugar + a pinch
    1      cup           Gluten flour
    1      tablespoon    Salt
    2 3/4  cup           A/P flour -- or as needed
    1                    Egg white beaten with:
    1      tablespoon    Water
    4      teaspoon      Caraway seeds
    4      teaspoon      Coarse (kosher) salt
 In sauce pan, heat together the skim milk, lard or butter, water, salt, and
 2 tsp. sugar until fat melts. Let cool to 110 F. in large. bowl of elec.
 mixer.  Meanwhile, combine warm water, pn. of sugar and yeast and let work
 till foamy, about. 10 min., then add to skim milk mixture.
  Mix in a bowl the gluten flour, rye flour and 2 3/4 c. A/P flour.  Add 2
 cups of the mixed flours to yeast mixture and beat for 5 min. on low speed.
 Add remaining flour gradually, scraping the dough onto a floured board and
 kneading when the dough becomes too stiff to beat.  Knead until very smooth,
 using add'tl A/P flour as needed to make a med. stiff dough.
  Form dough into ball and turn in buttered bowl. Turn buttered side up,
 cover with plastic, and let rise till doubled in bulk, about. 1 hr.  Punch
 dough down, turn onto working surface, and divide into 4 pieces.  Let pieces.
 rest, covered with towel for 5 min.
  Roll each pc. into 10 round. Cut into 8 wedges, then roll each tightly
 from the wide end to the point, stretching and elongating the dough as you
 roll.  Place on parchment-covered or lightly greased baking sheet (14 x 17)
 with point of each roll underneath, leaving about. 1 1/2 between salt
 sticks. Continue till all dough is rolled.  You will fill 2 sheets.
  Let sticks rise, covered, to 3/4 proof.  Preheat oven to 400 F.  When
 proofed, brush with glaze and sprinkle with seeds and salt.
  Bake on upper and lower racks of oven for 5 min., then swap sheets and turn
 end for end so browning is even.  Bake 3 min. more, then reduce heat to 250
 F. and bake about. 15 min. more until all are even golden brown with no
 white spots on sides.  Cool on racks.  May be frozen; to freshen, bake in
 350 F. oven for 10 min.
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