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  Categories: Breadmaker
       Yield: 15 Servings
            -Barb Day GWHP32A
    1.00 pk Yeast
    0.25 ts Ginger
    0.25 ts Sugar
    2.25 c  Better for Bread flour
    0.50 c  Wheat flour
    0.25 c  Pure rich bran
    2.00 tb Gluten
    0.50 ts White pepper
    0.50 c  Cholesterol-free
            -bacon-flavor chips
    1.00 tb Onion; dried/minced
    1.00 c  Blackeyed peas;canned/draine
    1.00 tb Vegetable oil
    1.50 c  Very warm water
   *Black-Eyed Peas & Bacon Bread Add all ingredients into the pan in
   order listed. Select white bread and push “Start”. You can serve this
   delightful cholesterol-free, high-fiber bread on NeYear’s Eve instead
   of the traditional bowl of black-eyed peas believed to bring good
   fortune for the year ahead. Shared by Barb Day