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       Title: Peanut Butter Bread for Abm
  Categories: Abm, Breads
       Yield: 1 loaf
 MMMMM------------------------REGULAR LOAF-----------------------------
     3/4 c  Water
       2 c  White bread flour
   2 1/2 tb Brown sugar
     1/4 ts Salt
     1/3 c  Peanut butter
       1 ts Yeast (fast rise)
       2 ts Yeast (active dry)
 MMMMM-------------------------LARGE LOAF------------------------------
   1 1/4 c  Water
       3 c  White bread flour
     1/4 c  Brown sugar
     1/2 ts Salt
     1/2 c  Peanut butter
       2 ts Yeast (fast rise)
       3 ts Yeast (active dry)
   Bake according to your machine’s directions.
   You can use either creamy or chunky peanut butter.  The recipe can be
   made with the regular, rapid, or delayed time bake cycles.
   from Bread Electric written by Suzan Nightingale put out by Innovative
   Cooking Enterprises typed by Tiffany Hall-Graham