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       Title: IRISH SODA BREAD *** (VGXB82A)
  Categories: Breadmaker, Ethnic, Fruits, Brunch, Breads
       Yield: 12 servings
   2 1/4 c  bread flour
       2 tb sugar
       1 ts salt
       1 tb butter (I use canola oil)
     1/2 c  raisins (I add a few more)
       2 tb caraway seeds
       1 ts baking soda
       1 c  buttermilk
   1 1/2 ts dry yeast
   One thing I learned from reading the Electric Bread       
   book is that you can stop your machine after the first    
   rise and start over again and get a nicer loaf. (More     
   rising time that way!) Here’s the recipe for Irish        
   Soda Bread from my Panasonic Breadbakery Book: (It’s      
   our favorite!!) Bettie, TX 02/17 11:36 pm CST