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  Categories: Breadmaker, Breads, Nuts
       Yield: 1 Servings
            -BARB DAY GWHP32A
            -Dak Gazette II
    1.00 pk Yeast
    3.00 c  Better for Bread flour
    2.00 tb Gluten
    2.00 tb Sugar
    1.00 ts -Salt
    0.13 ts Baking soda
    0.33 c  Instant nonfat dry milk
    0.33 c  Walnuts; broken
    1.00    Egg
    2.00 tb Vegetable oil
    1.00 ts Vanilla
    4.00 oz Banana-1 med; sliced
            -Directly into the
            -Inner pan
   10.00    Frozen Strawberries; thawed
            -With their liquid
    0.33 c  Crushed pineapple; drained
            -Reserve juice.
    0.33 c  Pineapple juice; from
            -The pineapple-heated
    0.50 c  Chocolate chips
    4.00 c  Maraschino cherries; drained
    Place all ingredients (EXCEPT CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND CHERRIES) into the
   inner pan in the order listed; select white bread and push “Start.”
   Add the chips and cherries when the Auto Bakery “beeps,” 88 minutes
   into the cycle. (33 min. with DAK Turbo II) Delightful whether eaten
   fresh, chilled or toasted, this soda fountain special is even more
   spectacular when spread with cream cheese blended with minced
   maraschinos and their liquid.