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       Title: Zojizones!
  Categories: Breadmaker, Ethnic
       Yield: 6 Servings
            -KKPD13B    LINDA CALDWELL
       1 c  -water
       3 c  Bread flour
     1/2 ts Salt
       2 ts Olive oil
       2 ts Yeast
       1 ts Olive oil; and saute it w/
       1    Onion; chopped  (I used
            -a Vidalia)
       1    Bell pepper; chopped
       8 oz Pepperoni; (I sliced it,
            -then quartered each slice)
       8 oz Can of tomato sauce
            Herbs de Provence; to taste
            -(or oregano,etc.)
   DOUGH: Put in Zoji and set course for “Dough” FILLING:
   Meanwhile make filling as follows: In nonstick skillet
   saute until tender: Simmer 5 minutes, turn off heat,
   cover and let sit.
   When dough is ready remove from Zoji and roll into a
   foot long “snake”. Divide into 6 equal parts. Let rest
   about 5 minutes. Spread each portion of dough into a
   5-6 circle. Put about 1/3 cup of the pepperoni sauce
   on each circle, top with 1 tablespoon of shredded
   oregano, seal dough carefully (it will make a little
   “pouch” shape) and put back into Zoji.
   IMPORTANT!!! Before reinserting pan into Zoji set
   HomeMade cycle to Rise2. AFTER it does the short stir
   down>> put pan back into Zoji and let rise for 30
   minutes. At end of rising period press the Home Made
   cycle button again and the ZojiZones will begin to
   bake! I have the timer set now for 50 minutes and
   they're looking great but may decide to remove them a
   little early or leave them a little longer.
   For supper I'll make a tossed salad and serve the
   Zojizones. Can't wait to try something like this using
   cream cheese for the filling--maybe with scallions and
   chicken! The recipe looks complicated but is fun and
   doesn't take much time. The dough recipe is one I
   copied from the board months ago and was posted by
   Linda Rehberg at the request of someone who wanted a
   foccacia crust adapted to the Zoji. Will look forward
   to new entries in this subject! Linda in Birmingham
   08/15/93 02:11 pm CT Zoji S-15 #1.5
   P.S. Panasonic owners, I understand you have a special
   variety cycle that lets you do this sort of thing.
   Bev, Annie et al, let’s see what you can do!
   Posted on PRODIGY August, 1993; Formatted by Elaine
   Radis; PRODIGY, BGMB90B; GEnie, E.RADIS