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       Title: Banana Granola Bread (Machine) - Large Loaf
  Categories: Breads2, Brdmachine
       Yield: 1 loaf
       1 c  Water
       2 c  White bread flour
       1 c  Wheat bread flour
       2 tb Dry milk
   1 1/2 ts Salt
       2 tb Butter
     1/2 c  Bananas, mashed
     3/4 c  Granola
     1/4 c  Molasses
     1/3 c  Walnuts, chopped
     1/3 c  Banana chips, dried
       2 ts Yeast, fast rise or machine
            - or -
       3 ts Yeast, active dry
   Source:  Electric Bread
   This is a fairly heavy, moist bread that’s not as sweet as the
   ingredients might suggest.  The fruit and granola combine to make a
   slightly nutty taste with a hint of banana.  This bread makes
   terrific toast with a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs.
                              Success Hints
   Mash bananas well or use a food processor; measure after mashing.
   Use the regular or rapid bake cycle.
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