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                         SOURDOUGH STARTER (2 OF 2)
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   ÿntinued    Many cookbooks suggest stirring the starter once a
   day even when being refrigerated; I find that it is
   not necessary. You must, however, use a portion of the
   starter at least once a week. If you choose not to
   bake sourdough breads that often, then remove a cup of
   your starter and feed it as though you used some
   during the week. If this is not done, your starter
   will turn rancid and have to be replaced. Should you
   be away on vacation or otherwise not able to tend to
   the starter, freeze it. Upon your return, thaw it in
   the refrigerator and then remove a portion and feed it
   as soon as you are able.
     You may be thinking that this sounds too
   complicated, but it really is not, nor is the starter
   overly fragile. A friend of mine had the same starter
   for 14 years!
     My first few loaves of sourdough were not very sour
   and I feared it was my starter. After allowing the
   starter to mellow a little by sitting in the
   refrigerator and using only once a week, it and the
   breads became more sour.
     Another hint is to put the bread in on the timer
   cycle for early morning baking. The milk put in the
   night before adds a little more sour taste. If the
   bread is getting too sour for you, feed with water
   more often than milk. Source: The Bread Machine
   Cookbook by Donna Rathmell German MM by Cathy Svitek
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