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       Title: Sourdough Starter
  Categories: Breads
       Yield: 15 servings
            -LYMAN EDDY (HKDS25A                1 tb VINEGAR; VERY IMPORTANT<
       4 c  Lukewarm water                    1/4 c  Sugar
       1 pk Activated dry yeast                 5 c  Unbleachd flour
   Pour the water into a crock or a wide mouth gallon jar. Pour in the yeast
   and let it dissolve. Stir. Add vinegar, sugar and flour. Mix. Cover w/cloth
   and set in a warm place to sour..(2 to 3 days). When activity STOPS, the
   mixture flattens out. An amber colored liquor comes to the top..And it
   SMELLS.. THAT'S IT! Mix it up. It will look like whipping cream. Put it in
   a GLASS JAR with a screw type lid; place in refrigerator. IT WILL KEEP FOR
   MONTHS. Growing better as it continues to age at a very slow pace. I have
   no idea regarding conversion for use in BM. IF YOU DO.. Let ME
   know..Ho-Kay? It is super in pancakes; waffles; coffee cake; rolled
   bisquits; quick drop bisquits; cinnamon rolls; cobbler; BREAD; cake;
   oatmeal cookies; etc.. I wish you success and tasty eating.. DON'T BE
   AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT! Good Sour Baking to You for Yours.. Lyman, at Sunny,
   Reno Nevada FROM: LYMAN EDDY (HKDS25A) Reformatted by Elaine Radis