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                            SOURDOUGH MADE EASY
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 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    1      cup           Nonfat skim milk
    3      tablespoons   Plain yogurt
    1      cup           All-purpose flour
 Recipe by: Bread Machine Magic Sourdough Starter: 1.) Heat 1 cup skim (NONFAT)
milk to 90-100 degrees 2.) Stir in 3 tbsp. of plain FRESH high quality Yogurt 3.)
Pour into a 1 quart glass or ceramic crock, jar or bowl. Cover with a nonmetallic
lid and set in a warm place (70-100 degrees F) for 24 hours. (O warm day, you can
place the starter outside in the sun or on a kitchen counter. On cooler days,
place it in a gas oven with a pilot light or on to of the water heater or on a
heating pad set on low) 4.) After 24 hours the milk will thicken and form curds.
At this point, gradually stir in 1 cup all purpose flour until blended. Cover
with lid and set in a warm place again until it ferments and bubbles and a clear
liquid forms on top (about 2 - 5 days) Stir daily. 5.) Starter is now ready to
use. Stir, cover loosely, and refrigerate. IF AT ANY TIME IN THE PROCESS THE
   Replenishing the Starter: Every time you use some of he starter, you must
 replace it with a like amount of milk and flour. For instance if you use 1 of
 starter, return 1 cup of milk AND 1 cup of flour to the jar.
 Follow thes directions for feeding the starter.
   Feeding the starter to keep it alive: A starter should be used as often as
 possible, at least every 2-3 weeks. If you are not using it that often, pla to
 feed it once a month to keep it going. 1. Bring to room temperature. 2. Add
 equal amounts of warm milk (90-100) and flour (1/2-1cup each) 3. Cover witth lid
 and allow to stand in a warm place (70-100 degrees) for twelve to 24 hours until
 bubbly and a clear liquid has formed on top. 4. Stir, cover loosely (set lid on
 jar but do not tightly seal; gasses must allow to escape), and refrigerate 
   Rejevenating a Neglected Starter: If you forget to feed your starter monthl
 don't throw it away thinking its gone bad. Chances are you can still revive it.
 1.) pour off the liquid and discard all but 1 to 2 tablespoons of the starter.
 Temporatily place reserved starter in a bowl. 2.) Wash out the starter container
 with hot water. 3.) Put the starter back into the container. 4.) Follow the
 directions for feeding the starter using 1 cup (warm (90- 100'F) skim (nonfat
 milk) and 1 cup flour 5. You may have to repeat this procedure once or twice to
 bring it back up bubbly, sour smelling again.
  Sourdough Facts to keep in mind: Use only wooden 
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