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       Yield: 1 servings
       6    Whites
     100 g  Sugar
     120 g  Almond powder
     120 g  Icing sugar
      50 g  Flour
 --------------------------------BUTTER CREAM--------------------------------
     180 g  Sugar
      80 g  Water
       6    Yolks
     360 g  Butter
            Coffee extract
      50 g  Sugar
     100 g  Water
      20 g  Rum
      50 g  Chopped walnuts
       8    Walnut halves
     150 g  Water
     150 g  Sugar
            Juice of 1 lemon
   Mix almond powder, icing sugar, and flour together. Beat whites to
   froth, add sugar, beat to firm peak. Incorperate powder into whites.
   Add vanilla now if using extract, if using powdered, add with almond
   powder. Pour into chemisier'd round pan, 8 inches or so, and bake at
   375-390 till it’s done.
   Boil sugar and water together. While it’s boiling, beat the yolks
   over a double boiler untill they are light and fluffy. When the syrup
   reaches soft ball, pour into yolks and continue beating untill it is
   cool or it reaches ribbon stage (creme will form a ribbon that will
   stay on the surface for a while before sinking).
   Beat the butter till it’s the same consistancy as the creme. Mix
   the two together and add the coffee extract.
   Boil the sugar and water for syrup, add rum.
   Boil the sugar and water for caramell, take it to the point where
   it just starts to change color. Remove, dunk the nuts in and let
   cool. You will have to crush the chopped walnuts, as they will now be
   a big sticky mess.
   Cut the cake in half, spread with syrup, add a layer of butter
   cream, sprinkle with chopped nuts, spread the top part with syrup,
   place on top of cake, and cover with butter cream. Decorate with
   butter cream rosettes and walnut halves.
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