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       Title: APPLE OR PLUM CAKE
  Categories: Cakes, Desserts
       Yield: 12 servings
            Cottage cheese and oil
            Pastry (1)
            FRUIT TOPPING:
   2 1/4 lb To 3 1/4 lb (1- 1 1/2 kg)
            Apples or plums
            FOR SPRINKLING:
            A little sugar
   Roll out the pastry onto a greased baking sheet. FOR
   THE FRUIT TOPPING: peel and core the apples and cut
   into slices or quarters (if the apples are very large
   divide into eighths). If plums are used, rub them
   clean and then stone. Distribute the fruit evenly over
   the pastry. lay plums with the insides upwards. fold a
   piece of greased paper a number of times and lay it
   against the pastry at the open side of the baking
   sheet. OVEN: pre-heat for 5 minutes at very hot, bake
   at moderately hot. BAKING TIME: 15-25 min.
   After baking, when the cake has cooled somewhat,
   sprinkle with sugar.