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       Title: Walnut Cake with Coffee Cream
  Categories: Cheesecakes, Chocolate
       Yield: 10 servings
       2 ts Butter
       2 ts Flour
     100    (3oz) walnuts
     130    (4oz) caster sugar
       4    Egg whites
            Coffee cream topping:
       3    Egg yolks
       3 tb Icing sugar
     100    (4 fl oz) strong coffee
      75    (2 3/4oz) dark chocolate;
      50    (2 fl oz) madeira or port
     300    (10 fl oz) cream
            Walnut halves
            Crystallized flowers; e.g.
            Lilac, violets; mimosa
   To Drink: - Coffee or coffee liqueur Level of Difficulty:
   Fairly easy Preparation Time: 1 hour + time in freezer
   Prepare in Advance: Yes Preheat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas
   Mark 3.
   Grease and flour a round cake tin. Chop half the walnuts
   and grind the remainder.  Mix with the sugar. Whisk the egg
   whites until they form stiff peaks and fold into the nut
   and sugar mixture. Turn into the prepared tin and bake for
   15-20 mins. turn the cake on to a rack and allow to cool.
   Make the coffee cream.  Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a
   heatproof bowl until light and creamy.  Add the coffee and
   place the bowl over a pan of hot water. Beat the mixture
   until it has thickened. Beat in the chocolate. Stir in the
   Madeira or port.  Allow to cool, stirring occasionally.
   Whip the cream and mix it into the cold coffee mixture.
   Spread the cream over the cake.  Put the cake in the
   freezer for 2 hours. Take the cake out of the freezer
   shortly before serving and garnish with walnuts and
   crystallized flowers.  by: Sue Rykmans.