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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 8 Servings
    1.00 c  Butter/Margarine, Melted
    1.75 c  Sugar
    3.00 c  Unbleached All-purpose Flour
    1.00 ts Baking Soda
    1.00 ts Ground Cinnamon
    0.50 ts Salt
    0.25 ts Ground Cloves
    0.25 ts Ground Nutmeg
    2.00    Large Eggs
    2.00 c  Brandied Fruit
    1.00 c  Chopped Pecans
    0.25 c  Brandied Fruit Juice
 MMMMM-------------------BRANDED FRUIT STARTER------------------------
   15.50 oz (1 Cn) Pineapple Chunks
   16.00 oz (1 cn) Sliced Peaches
   17.00 oz (1 cn) Apricot Halves
   10.00 oz (1 jr) Maraschino
    1.25 c  Sugar
    1.25 c  Brandy (Any Brand)
   Combine butter and sugar in large mixing bowl. Beat well. Combine
   next 6 ingredients. Beat well. Add eggs. Coarse chop brandied fruit
   and stir into batter. Add pecans and juice. Mix well. Pour batter
   into well-greased 10 inch bundt pan. Bake at 350 degree F. oven for 1
   hour. Cool in pan 10 minutes, then remove from pan. BRANDIED FRUIT
   STARTER: Drain all canned fruit. Combine all ingredients in clean,
   nonmettalic bowl. Stir gently. Cover and let stand at room
   temperature for 3 weeks, stirring twice per week. As you use it,
   replace the amount taken with 1 cup sugar. Cover and let stand at
   room temperature 3 days before using again. Yields 6 cups of brandied
   fruit. Submitted By MICHAEL ORCHEKOWSKI MSG#: 1883