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       Title: Tiramisu “Pick-Me-Up” Cake
  Categories: Cakes, Italian
       Yield: 8 servings
       2    Egg yolks
     1/2 c  Sugar
       1 c  Mascarpone cheese
       1 pt Whipping cream - chilled
       1 ts Vanilla
       1    Genoese - (genoese) cake,
            -sliced in 3 layers
     1/4 c  Sugar
     3/4 c  Espresso - or strong coffee
       1 oz Rum
       2 tb Cocoa powder
     This is very similar to the recipe in Andrea Appuzzo’s book La Cucina
     di Andrea’s.
     Number of Servings:   8
     1.  Whisk egg yolks and 1/4 cup sugar together.  Whisk in the
     mascarpone cheese.
     2.  In a separate bowl, whip the cream, the rest of the sugar, and the
     vanilla until almost stiff - NO PEAKS
     3.  Fold the mascarpone cheese mixture into the whipped cream and
     continue to whip, until stiff.  Set aside.
     4.  Make a fully-dissolved syrup with 1/4 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp water,
     espresso and rum.
     5.  Brush a layer of the sponge cake with espresso mixture.  With a
     spatula, smooth about half-inch thick layer of the mascarpone cheese
     mixture on top.  Brush the second cake layer with espresso, and place
     it espresso side down on the first layer.  Brush the top with
     espresso. Spread on another half-inch of the mascarpone mixture.
     Repeat the procedure with the third layer of cake.  Cover the top and
     sides of the cake with a thin layer of mascarpone filling.
     6.  With a sieve and a spoon, sprinkle the top of the cake with cocoa
     powder.  Cover the sides of the cake with chocolate shavings.
     Refrigerate at least three hours.  This cake does not hold up well
     when exposed to any heat, so keep it cool
     Serves eight.
     From La Cucina di Andrea’s - by Chef Andrea Apuzzo  89-63780
     Published by Cucina dell'ART, Inc. Andrea’s Restaurant 3100
     Nineteenth Street Metairie, Louisiana 70002
     Chef Andrea says, “This is a relatively new Italian dessert that is
     all the rage in Italy and New York.  The original version was made
     with lady fingers, and was scooped out in the manner of an English
     trifle. We took a fresh approach to it by substituting sponge cake
     for the lady fingers. It is so light that you don't eat it -- you
     inhale it.”
     Having enjoyed this wonderful creation, I can assure you that it also
     is calory free.  (F.H.T)
     From Fred Towner