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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 1 Servings
 ----------------------------NORMA WRENN NPXR56B----------------------------
     3/4 c  Butter or margarine
       2 c  Imperial Granulated Sugar
       3 c  All-purpose flour
       1 tb Baking powder
     1/2 ts Salt
     1/2 c  Milk
     1/2 c  Water
       1 ts Vanilla
     1/2 ts Almond flavoring
       6    Egg whites
       3    (1 oz) squares unsweetened
   4 1/2 c  Imperial 10X Powdered Sugar
     1/8 ts Salt
     1/4 c  Hot water
     1/2 c  Melted butter
       1 ts Vanilla
   Cream butter until soft and light.  Gradually add sugar and continue
   creaming several minutes to incorporate as much as possible. Combine flour,
   baking powder and salt; sift 3 times. Add flavoring to milk and water. Add
   flour alternattely with liquid to creamed mixture; beat well after each
   addition. Beat egg whites until stiff, but not dry, fold immediately into
   batter, blending well, but do not beat.  Pour into 3 greased and floured 9
   layer pans. Bake at 350~ for 25 minutes. Cool 5 minutes, then turn onto
   cooling racks and remove pans. When cool, fill and frost with Chocolate
   Frosting. Chocolate Frosting: Melt chocolate over hot water. Reserve.
   Combine remaining ingredients. Add some of the melted chocolate and beat in
   well. If desired, continue to beat in additional chocolate until desired
   chocolate color and flavor are obtained. Fills and frosts a 9-inch 3-layer