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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 12 Servings
       2 c  All-purpose flour
   1 1/2 ts Baking powder
     1/2 ts Baking soda
       1 ts Salt
       1 ts Cinnamon
     1/2 c  Shortening
   1 1/4 c  Sugar
       3 lg Eggs
     3/4 c  Buttermilk
            -or sour milk
       1 ts Vanilla extract
     1/2 c  Nuts; chopped
       1 c  Fresh raspberries
            Pink raspberry frosting:
            - * see note
   A winner in the seniors division of the 1953 Pillsbury bakeoff.
    Sift first 5 ingredients together. Cream shortening (SPRY) with sugar
   until creamy and fluffy. Add beaten eggs and mix well. Add dry ingredients
   alternately with milk and mix until smooth. Stir in nuts and raspberries.
   Pour into 2 well greased 8 inch layer pans. Bake 350 30-40 minutes; cool
   and frost. * Pink Raspberry Frosting: Cream 1/3 cup butter or margarine,
   1/2 tsp salt, Blend in 3 cups confectioners sugar alternately with 2
   Tablespoons pureed raspberries and 2-3 tablespoons hot cream. Add 1
   teaspoon vanilla; mix and frost cake Pat Dwigans