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  Categories: Cakes
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1 pk Cake mix
       1 pk Instant pudding mix; 3 oz
     2/3 c  Vegetable oil
       4    Eggs
       1 c  Nuts; chopped
            Brandied fruit
            1/2 of fruit from starter
   Combine cake mix, instant pudding mix, vegetable oil and eggs. Beat until
   smooth with electric mixer at medium speed. Fold in chopped nuts and one
   portion fruit, about 1 cup. The batter will be thick. Pour into a greaed
   tube pan. Bake at 350~ for 50 to 60 mintues. Turn out while hot. Note. The
   cake freezes very well. The choice of which cake mix and which pudding mix
   to use is your. White, yellow or furit flavored cake mixes can be used.
   Coconut may be substituted for nuts. Here are some combinations. Yellow
   cake mix and vanilla instant pudding mix. Lemon cake mix and lemon instant
   pudding mix.  Orange cake mix and vanilla instant pudding mix. Yellow cake
   mix and butterscotch instant pudding mix.