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       Title: Patty Ann’s Chess Cakes
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 1 servings
            Pasty recipe:
     1/4 lb Butter
       3 oz Cream cheese
       1 c  Flour, all-purpose; sifted
            Filling 1:
       1    Egg; lightly beaten
     3/4 c  Brown sugar
       1 tb Butter; melted
     1/2 c  Pecans; finely chopped
     1/2 ts Vanilla extract
            Filling 2:
       1    Egg; lightly beaten
     3/4 c  Granulated sugar
       1 tb Butter; melted
     2/3 c  Shredded coconut
     1/2 ts Vanilla extract
   Recipe by: Patty Ann Spalding Preparation Time: 0:30
      You will need mini-muffin tins for these cookies. Oven
       350    F.
      FOR PASTRY SHELLS: Make recipe of pie pastry, roll out and cut rounds to
   fit muffin cups.
      FOR CREAM CHEESE PASTRY: Mix together ingredients in medium bowl. Divide
   equally among muffin tins. Press in with fingers.
      FOR FILLINGS: Mix all ingredients well in small bowl. Place 1 teaspoon
   filling in each pastry-lined muffin cup. Bake in preheated oven at 350 F.
   for 20 minutes until done.
    Run tip of sharp knive around tart when done to loosen. Remove to wire
   racks to cool.  Store in tin box between layers of wax paper.