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                     Peanut-Butter-Swirl Ice-Cream Cake
 Recipe By     : Family Circle - 9/1/97
 Serving Size  : 16   Preparation Time :0:25
 Categories    : Not Sent
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1/2  gal           vanilla ice cream
   24                    cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies
    5      tbsp          butter -- melted
   29                    chocolate-dipped wafer cookies
      2/3  c             peanut butter (not reduced fat)
      1/4  c             honey
    2      tbsp          vegetable oil
      1/2  c             bottled hot fudge sauce
 Remove ice cream from freezer 30 minutes before using.  Place chocolate
 sandwich cookies in food processor.  Whirl until crumbed.  Add butter. 
 Whirl until combined.
 Stand wafer cookies around inside edge of 9-inch springform pan.  
 Reserve 3/4 cup of chocolate crumb mixture.  Spoon remaiing crumb
 mixture into pan; press evenly over bottom.
 Stir peanut butter, honey and oil in small dish until blended.  Place
 softened ice cream in large bowl.  Drizzle about half of peanut butter
 mixture onto ice cream; fold together to swirl.
 Spoon half of the ice cream mixture into the prepared pan; spread
 level.  Sprinkle evenly with remaining chocolate cookie crumb mixture,
 pressing mixture down with back of spoon.
 Spoon on remaining ice cream; spread level.  Place the cake on a baking
 sheet and place in freezer.  Freeze until cake is solid, at least 6
 hours or overnight.
 To serve, stir fudge sauce in glass measure to loosen, but do not warm. 
 Spoon remaining peanut butter in blobs over top of cake along with blobs
 of fudge topping.  Swirl together with the tip of a knife.  Let stand
 for 10 minutes.
 Slice cake into wedges.
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