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                          Funnel cake mix recipe:
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    1      cup           all purpose flour
    1      tsp           baking powder
      1/4  tsp           salt
      1/2  tsp           cinnamon
 Combine all ingredients, stirring well.  Store in airtight container.
 To make Funnel Cakes:  Pour vegetable oil into a round heavy pot to a 
 depth of one inch.  Heat oil to 360 degrees over medium-high heat (may 
 need to be higher).  In a small bowl, combine 1 egg with 3/4 cup milk.  
 Add 1 cup Funnel Cake mix and beat with fork until smooth.  Holding = 
 finger under funnel opening, pour about 1/4 cup of batter into funnel.  
 Allow batter to pour from funnel into hot oil, moving funnel in a circle 
 to form a spiral shape.  Fry 1 minute, turn cake, and continue frying 
 until golden brown.  Remove to paper towels to drain.  Sprinkle with 
 confectioners sugar or a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  Makes 6 Funnel 
 (Great gift idea!  Give decorative bag of mix with a copy of the 
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