Anglefood pudding cake
 Bake one anglefood cake in a ring pan.
 Allow to cool.
 Cut off 1 from the top so the ring stays intact. (now you have a little
 ring and a big ring =-) ) Save the top and put it aside.
 Cut 1 from the sides of the cake, being sure not to poke through the
 bottom. (You want to go about 1 from the bottom). So now you have 2 cuts
 in the cake, one being around the outside, and one around the center hole.
 Now scoop out all the cake in the middle and place in a bowl. Now you
 should have a “shell” of a cake.
 Ok, now in a COLD metal or glass mixing bowl, mix up 1 package of chocolate
 pudding (skim milk is a given). I use the sugarfree because I try to make
 this as low-cal as possible. After the pudding is made, mix in 1 cup of
 whipped cream (when I'm lazy I use the “lite” stuff, and when I have time,
 and the cake is going to be eaten quickly, I use the faux). Now add the
 pieces of angelfood cake that came from the center. I have done this in
 both large pieces, and with really small pieces. My ex boyfriend likes the
 small pieces, my girlfriend likes the big pieces. (I think I agree with
 him, but whichever.) 
 Place the “filling” in the “shell.” If you don't come all the way to the
 top of your “groove” you can fill the rest with whipped cream. Replace the
 top. Cover the outsides (at least the top, anyway so you can't see your
 “seam”) with whipped cream. 
 If you use the “lite” stuff, this is better chilled.
 I have NEVER had any left over, even at a dinner of 6 (ok, maybe one piece,
 which my girlfriend ate for lunch the next day) so the faux stuff usually
 isn't a problem because it won't have time to seperate. =-)
 If you do the faux stuff, you are REALLY REALLY lowfat (negligable fat --
 just whatever is in the pudding mix. I don't remember the exact numbers).
 Even with the lite stuff, the %CFF is pretty low.
 Just so I credit the appropriate parties, this recipe came of the box of
 Betty Crocker Angelfood cake. =-)