Low fat fruit cake (possible eggs)
 2 Egg whites (Or replacer - havn't tried it with this yet)
 2 cups wholewheat flour
 1 tin crushed pinapple - complete with juice
 1 mushy banana - any ripeness as long as it isn't green
 1 scoop dark raisins (about 2 cups I think)
 2+ tablespoons mollasses. (Modify to your own taste)
 spices - 2-3 or your favorite cake spices - I use nutmeg cinamon and ginger
 2 spoons of baking powder.
 I prepared 7-8 inch loose bottomed cake tin.
 Heat oven to approx 400 
 Put the flour in a mixing bowl (Don't add the baking powder yet) Add
 the pinnapple and its juice (This is why don't add the powder they
 react too quickly and all the fiz gets mixed out of the cake and it
 comes out a little flatter). Break the banana into chunks and add to
 the flour and pinnaple mash the Banana roughly with your mixing spoon,
 mix together, add egg whites and enough water to get a thick batter
 (very thick or the fruit will sink), add the mollasses and spices,
 when these are mixed in add the raisins. Then add the baking powder
 and as soon as you have it mixed in pour it straight qinto the tin
 smooth the surface and put in the oven. You have to be quick with the
 baking powder and not mix too much - just enough to get it
 distributed, if you spend too long, again you risk all the fizz
 getting knocked out of the cake .
 Bake for about 40 minutes - its done when a knife stuck into the cake
 comes out looking clean.  My only trouble with this cake is that it
 tends to stick to my rather old and cheep bakeware.  This makes a very
 moist cake that has been kept for up to a week - it should last longer
 but somehow ours never stays around long enough to find out.