Date:    Thu, 09 Dec 93 07:53:58 +0200
                               CARROT CAKE
 1 c apple sauce                        3 c flour (you can use part whole wheat)
 1 1/2 c sugar                          2 t baking powder
 substitute for 3 eggs                  1 1/2 t baking soda
 2 t vanilla                            1/2 t salt
 2 c shredded carrots                   2 t cinnamon
 1 c crushed pineapple, undrained       wheat germ (for pan)
 Mix dry ingredients together.  Add wet ingredients and mix till blended.  Do
 not overmix.  Lightly spray a 9"x13 pan or a 10 tube pan with vegetable
 spray (i.e. Pam).  Sprinkle with wheat germ.  Spoon in cake batter.  Bake
 about an hour in a preheated 350 degree oven.  A tube pan may take longer
 than a rectangular one.  Make sure you test for doneness.
 As I mentioned in an earlier post, this cake is a bit heavy, but tastes
 great!  It also freezes very well.