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 Serving Size  : 10   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Vegetarian
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      3/4   c            Sunflower seed oil
    1       c            Demerara sugar
    4                    Eggs
      1/4   c            Milk
    2       t            Vanilla
    2       c            Pastry flour, unbleached
    1       t            Baking powder
      1/2   t            Salt
      1/4   c            Poppyseeds
      1/4   c            Lemon zest
      1/2   c            Demerara sugar
      1/2   c            Lemon juice, fresh
      1/8   c            1 x 1/8 lemon zest
                         - slivers -- garnish
    1. In electric mixer; blend oil, 1 cup demarara sugar ( substitute
   granulated sugar plus a little molasses) and eggs. Add milk and vanilla.
    2. Sift flour, baking powder together. Add salt and poppy seeds. On low
   speed add dry ingredients to wet and blend just until combined.
    3. Fold in lemon zest by hand. Pour batter into an oiled 6 to 8 cup bundt
   pan. Bake in a 350F oven for 40 to 50 minutes or until done.
   4. To make glaze, combine the 1/2 cup demarara sugar and lemon juice. Heat,
   stirring until sugar is just dissolved.
    5. Remove cake from oven, cool 10 minutes then invert onto plate. Using a
   fork, poke holes over entire surface of cake and carefull pour on the
   glaze. Let soak before serving. Decorate with slivers of lemon zest. Makes
   8 to 10 servings.
    This dish was published by Toronto Star Starweek, Mary McGrath’s Chef’s
   Showcase in the issue of February 26 to March 5, 1994.
    The recipe was requested by Diane Silver of Willowdale, Ontario who
    The Lemon Poppyseed Cake at The Vegetarian Restaurant ( 4 Dundonald St.,
   Toronto, (416) 961-9522 is “absolutely enjoyable and I am hoping you can
   publish their version of this classic cake for me”.
    “We are pleased to share this recipe and suspect the request came because
   the cake is unusually moist and has a wonderful strong lemon flavour”, says
   Susan Stachyra, who manages the bakeshop where desserts for the downtown
   restaurant and The West End Vegetarian Restaurant are turned out. Before
   getting into the baking business 1 1/2 years ago, the former school teacher
   from North Bay, Ontario says that baking was a hobby.
   Typed into Meal Master format by Eric Decker March 19, 1994.
    Editor’s note: If there is any way humanly possible: use real demerara
   sugar. Take my word for it, it is near impossible to duplicate it by adding
   molasses to granulated sugar. It looks okay but the flavour just is NOT
   right for the purist.
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