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       Title: Authentic Pizzelles
  Categories: Cookies
       Yield: 1 servings
      10 tb Butter
   2 1/4 c  All purpose flour
     1/4 ts Baking powder
       2 lg Eggs
     2/3 c  Granulated sugar
       2 ts Fresh lemon juice
            Zest of 1 lemon; finely grat
       1 ts Anise extract; or
       1 ts Vanilla extract
    * Pizzelle, a cookie from Italy.
       Place butter in a small saucepan and warm over low heat until melted.
   Remove from the heat and set aside until cooled. Thoroughly stir together
   the flour and the baking powder in a bowl. beat the eggs until frothy. add
   sugar and lemon juice and continue beating until the mixture is light. Beat
   in lemon zest and anise extract. Add dry ingredients, beating lightly,
   until the mixture is smooth. Lightly beat in the cooled butter until
      Lightly brush the interior surfaces of a seasoned pizelle iron with
   flavorless vegetable oil, being sure to cover all the grooves and
   indentations.  Heat the iron until a drop of water sizzles when sprinkled
   on the interior surfaces. Remove iron from the heat and, holding it over
   waxed paper, drop about 2 tablespoons batter onto the center of one side.
   Immediately close the iron and scrape off the batter that squeezes out the
   edges. Place the iron on the burner and bake turning from one side to the
   other every 20 seconds and opening the iron frequently to check the wafer
   for doneness.
      When it is light gold on both sides, quickly remove it from the iron,
   using tongs or a fork, and lay flat, on a wire rack until cool. Repeat this
   process until all batter is used. Store the wafers in an airtight container
   for 3-4 days. Makes 14-15, 5-inch wafers.