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                       HUNGARIAN TARTS *** (TSPN00B)
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 Serving Size  : 12   Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Desserts                         Ethnic
                 Jewish                           Holiday
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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                         -----CHEESE FILLING-----
    7 1/2   oz           Dry Farmer’s cheese
    2                    Egg yolks
    3       tb           Sugar
      1/8   ts           Lemon rind
      1/8   ts           Vanilla
                         Sour cream*
                         -----ALMOND FILLING-----
    1                    Egg
      1/2   c            Sugar
    2       tb           Soft butter
    1       c            Gr. blanched almonds
    1       t            Almond extract
                         -----PECAN FILLING-----
    2                    Eggs
    1 1/2   c            Brown sugar
    2       tb           Melted butter
      1/2   ts           Salt
    2       ts           Vanilla
    1       c            Chopped pecans
                         -----WALNUT FILLING-----
    1       lb           Ground walnuts
      1/2   c            Milk -- warmed
      1/2   c            Sugar
    3                    Egg whites
    1       tb           Butter
    1       t            Lemon juice
                         -----COOKIES FOR FILLING-----
    1       lb           Cream cheese
    1       lb           Butter
    1       lb           Flour
    1       lb           Butter
    1       lb           Flour
    1       lb           Cream cheese.
                         -----COCONUT FILLING-----
    2                    Eggs
    1       c            Sugar
    2       c            Coconut (7 oz. pkg.)
    1       t            Butter
   * added till smooth and of spreading consistency. If you cannot obtain
   really dry cottage cheese (I can't here anymore); I have used Ricotta (only
   the best grade). Omit the sour cream as the ricotta is not as dry as the
   Farmer’s Cheese; dry cheese is preferable. ALMOND: Mix together for ALMOND
   FILLING. PECAN FILLING: Mix together for Pecan filling. WALNUT FILLING: Mix
   all together, cool and spread or fill. KIFLI-Hungarian filled cookies Mix
   well, form into one inch balls; place in refrigerator overnight. The next
   day, roll thin, individually, fill with walnut, apricot, or poppyseed
   filling.  Bake 10 min. at 400. Brush with beaten egg white and sprinkle
   with sugar. Walnut filling can be used in Nut Rolls, Kiflis or Tarts. Tart
   recipe to follow, uses almond, coconut, pecan or walnut fillings. Mix well
   and shape into 1/2 inch balls. Refrigerate over- night and press into 1
   tart pans and fill with fillings as follows:almond-1/2 tsp. pineapple
   preserves in bottom of tart, almond paste to 3/4 full-bake 15-20 min at 350
   for Pecan tarts, put 1/2 pecan in the bottom of the tart and fill 3/4 full
   with pecan filling. Bake 15-20 @ 350. Walnut tarts: fill 3/4 full of walnut
   paste and bake 15-20 minutes @ 350. COCONUT RECIPE ON THE NEXT PG. EVEN
   THOUGH YOU DIDN'T REALLY WANT IT!!!!! Put jelly in the bottom of the tart.
   Fill 3/4 full with coconut filling. Bake 1/2 hour @ 350. This is what we do
   with the fillings, I wonder if they will work in your hats????? What do you
   think??? FROM: LISA CRAWLEY (TSPN00B)
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