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       Title: Unusual Lemon Tart                                          
  Categories: desserts, pies - sweet
 ---------------------------For shortcrust pastry:---------------------------
       4 oz flour
       2 oz fat (loz lard & 1oz marg)
       1 pn salt
       4 tb water to mix (more may be 
 --------------------------------For filling:--------------------------------
       1 lg cooking apple
       1    lemon
       1    egg
       3 oz sugar
   1.  Make pastry and line a 7 flan ring                                    
   2.  Peel and grate the apple, add the sugar and then the grated rind and   
   juice of lemon                                                             
   3.  Beat the egg, add to the apple mixture, mix well.                      
   4.  Put filling into the tart case and bake at Reg 4, 350~F (170~C) for 25 
   - 40 minutes.                                                              
 ( With thanks - this is a recipe that Mrs Jowett handed out at the Adult Ed.
     Class at Dartford Kent in 1972 - often used over the years.  Hope you enjoy
 I am fairly new to all this, so hope recipe appears in right format.
 Chris - Surrey, UK
 changing e-mail address to pringles@intonet.co.uk, effective immediately
 This has been delayed for a couple of days, as I mucked the address up - but
 because of the recipe I shall persevere.
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