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  Categories: Breads, Vegetables
       Yield: 6 Servings
    1.50 c  Zucchini
            - shredded
    1.00 c  Flour, all-purpose
   11.00 tb Flour, whole wheat
    0.75 oz Cheese, Cheddar, low-fat
            - shredded
    2.00 tb Sugar, granulated
    2.00 ts Baking powder
    0.25 ts Baking soda
    0.25 ts Black pepper, ground
    0.13 ts Salt
    0.50 c  Yogurt, plain, low-fat
    2.00    Eggs
    2.00 tb Vegetable oil
    1.00 ts Fines herbes, dried
    Preheat oven to 350F. In center of kitchen towel arrange zucchini;
   gather corners of towel to enclose zucchini and squeeze to remove
   excess liquid. Combine zuccini, flours, cheese, baking poweder, soda,
   pepper and salt; set aside. Combine and whisk together yogurt, eggs,
   oil and fines herbes. Add yogurt mixture to flour mixture and stir
   till blended. Spray 12 2-1/2 muffin pan cups with cooking spray.
   Fill each about 2/3 full. Bake in center rack for 20 minutes, or
   toothpick comes out dry. Set pan on wire rack and cool slightly.
   Invert muffins of wire rack and let cool.
    Weight Watcher Exchanges: 1 Fat, 1/2 Protein, 1/2 Vegetable, 1-1/2
        30    Optional Calories.
    Nutritional Analysis per serving: 232 calories, 8 g.
    protein, 8 g. fat, 33 g. carbohydrate, 158 mg calcium, 283 mg.
   sodium, 74 mg. cholesterol, 2 g. dietary fiber.
    Calories from fat: 30%
    Original recipe from Weight Watchers “Simply Light Cooking”
   Conversion and fat calories by “Rick Weissgerber”