Date:    Wed, 09 Nov 94 08:26:00 EST
 From:    “Shanks, Mira L.” <MLM6@NCH08A.EM.CDC.GOV>
 Basic  Graham Cracker Crust
 1  1/2 cups crushed SnackWell’s Cinnamon Graham Snacks- Fat Free (appx. 1 
 2 tablespoons sugar
 1/1/2 tablespoons of Liquid Butter Buds
 Crush the SnackWell’s graham crackers by placing pieces on wax paper and 
 rolling over them with a rolling pin, mix till moistened an press into a Pam 
 prepared pan.
 *  I used a box of Graham Cracker Crumbs (because I don't like the Snackwell 
    Graham snacks, and too lazy to crush my own graham crackers  which
      increased  the % fat for the crust ,but not by much )
 * I kept adding liquid butter buds until moist  enough to cling together 
 when  pressed
    into springform pan (more like 3 tablespoons)
 The Basic Graham Cracker Crust recipe came from : Butter Busters
            by Pam Mycoskie