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       Title: Maple Taffy Apples
  Categories: Fruit
       Yield: 6 servings
         6 md Tart Apples
       1/3 c  Maple Syrup
       1/2 c  Brown Sugar
         1 TB Soft Butter
       1/4 c  Water
         1 ts Lemon Juice
         6    Heavy Wooden Skewers
   Wash apples in warm water and dry well. Remove stems
   and insert skewers into stem ends. In a deep heavy-
   bottomed sauce pan, combine the syrup, brown sugar,
   butter, water and lemon juice. Over medium-high heat,
   bring to a rolling boil for 8-10 minutes, watching
   carefully. Remove from heat. Prepare a 4-inch deep pan
   of ice water.  Working quickly, carefully immerse
   apples into hot syrup, twisting to coat evenly.  Dip
   quickly into ice water then place on greased tray.
   Cool completely in refrigerator.
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   From: Martha Sheppard <marthahs@worldnedate: Mon, 28
   Oct 1996 01:13:25 +0000