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  Categories: Candies, Chocolate, Fruits
       Yield: 48 Servings
       1 c  Semi-sweet choco chips
       1 c  Milk choco chips
       2 ts Shortening
     1/4 c  Butter
       2 c  Confectioners' sugar
       1 tb Milk
     1/2 ts Vanilla
     1/8 ts Almond extract
      48 x  Maraschino cherries, drained
   Place both kinds of choco chips into top of double boiler, add shortening
   and melt.  Cool to 78 deg. Cream butter with sugar. Add milk, vanilla, and
   almond extract. If mixture is too sticky add up to 1/4c additional sugar.
   Mold a small amount of this mixture around each cherry, covering
   completely. Cover and chill. When ready to dip into chocolate coating, heat
   cooled chocolate to 88 deg over warm water, maintain temp while dipping.
   Drop each covered cherry, one at a time, into chocolate; roll to coat
   completely and remove with a fork. Draw fork across the rim of the pan to
   remove excess chocolate.  Drop from fork, upside down, onto waxed paper,
   swirling a thread of chocolate from fork across top for a decorative touch.
   Chill 20 mins.  Store in a cool place 1-2 days to allow cherry covering to
   liquidfy and form “cordial”.