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       Yield: 1 servings
      10 oz Jar marachino cherries with
       2 tb Rum
     1/3 c  Sweetened condensed milk
            -(not evaporated)
       2 ts Light corn syrup
   2 1/2 c  Powdered sugar
       1 c  Semi-sweet chocolate chips
     1/4 c  Light corn syrup
       1 tb Water
        In small bowl, combine cherries and rum. Let soak
   2 hours; drain on paper towels.
        In medium bowl, combine condensed milk and corn
   syrup; blend well. Add powdered sugar gradually,
   stirring until mixture forms a still smooth dough. (if
   all powdered sugar can't be stirred in, knead mixture
   and sugar on counter until smooth dough forms). Wrap
   small amounts of the fondant around each cherry to
   cover completely. Refrigerate about 20 minutes or
   until fondant is firm.
        Line cookie sheet with waxed paper. Prepare
   dipping chocolate by cooking ingredients over low heat
   until melted, stirring occasionally. Holding by stem,
   dip chilled cherries into chocolate, making sure to
   cover completely. Place on waxed paper-lined cookie
   sheet; refrigerate until chocolate sets, about 10
   minutes. Dip chilled candies into melted chocolate
   again, making sure to coat ocmpletely.  Place on lined
   cookie sheet then cover lightly with waxed paper.  Let
   stand several days in cool place to allow fondant to
   liquefy. (do not refrigerate). Store in airtight
   container in refrigerator (? >I just format them).
   Makes 2 1/2 dozen candies. One candy is 110
   calories/4g fat.