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       Title: Alligator Jambalaya
  Categories: Game, Cajun
       Yield: 256 Inch links
       1 lb Marinated alligator fillet
            -cut into small pieces
       1 lb Hot sausage (italian) cut
            -into chunks
       3 tb Oil
     2/3 c  Bell peppers chopped
       2 cl Garlic crushed
     3/4 c  Parsley
       1 c  Chopped fresh parsley
       1 c  Chopped celery
       2 cn Tomatoes (16 oz each)
       2 c  Chicken stock (2
            -pkgchicken cube mix +
            -water also works)
       1 c  Green onion
       2 ts Oregano
       2 ds Red hot sauce (optional)
            Cajun spices (blackened or
            -cajun king herbed spice
            -excellent) to
            I use about a tablespoon
            Salt to taste
       2 c  Raw white rice
   Recipes from Chef John Folse Chef John Folse Home Page In deep frying pan
   (cast iron preferably) saute the bell pepper,  garlic, parsley and celery.
   While this is cooking, add tomatoes & their  liquid, the chicken stock &,
   green onion to a pot that can cook on the stove and  in the oven (Corning
   ware ) Stir in spices, sauteed vegetables raw rice,  sausage and alligator
   fillet pieces. Cook on medium-high heat until liquid is absorbed (stir
   occasionally to make sure rice doesn't burn on bottom)    and then bake
   covered in the oven for 25 minutes. Good luck, I done this three times and
   the usual comment is its superb but where is the alligator...