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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :
 Categories    : Poultry                          Cuban
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    1      whole         chicken -- cut up
      1/2                lemon
      1/2                orange
    1      small         green pepper -- chopped
    1      small         onion -- chopped
    3      cloves        garlic -- finely chopped
    1                    bay leaf
      1/4  teaspoon      ground pepper
      1/2  teaspoon      bijol
      3/4  cup           tomato sauce
    3      tablespoons   olive oil
    1      teaspoon      salt
      1/4  cup           dry white cooking wine
    8 1/2  ounces        canned small peas
   10 1/2  ounces        canned asparagus
    2      cups          rice
      1/2                bottle of beer
                         pimentos -- for garnish
 1.  Remove all skin from chicken.  Rinse chicken and sprinkle with juice from
 lemon and orange.
 2.  Prepare a sofrito by combining green pepper, onion, garlic, bay leaf,
 ground pepper, bijol, tomato sauce, and olive oil.  Cook over medium-high heat
 in a large pot for five minutes, stirring frequently.  Lower heat and add
 chicken pieces, cooking chicken for three minutes on each side.
 3.  Add salt, cooking wine, juice from can of peas, juice from can of
 asparagus and 1 1/2 cups of water.  Poach chicken over medium-high heat
 (covered) for 30 minutes, or until tender.  Remove chicken from the pot and
 set aside.
 4.  Add 2 cups rice to the pot and bring to boil (covered), making sure that
 there is enough liquid in the pot to cook the rice (you will probably have to
 add more water).  Reduce heat and cook rice (approximately 30 minutes).  When
 rice is nearly cooked, add 1/2 bottle of beer to rice and stir well.  Rice
 should remain moist.
 5.  Add chicken to the rice and simmer all for five minutes.  Correct salt to
 taste and serve, garnished with peas, asparagus and pimentos.
 Notes: Bijol is a natural food coloring.  The powder is available at most
 Latin and ethnic food markets.  Recipes from La Cocina Cubana - Miami’s Little
 Havanna District, http://www.bpe.com/food/recipes/sosa/cubana/index.html
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