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                         Angelica (Cut two pieces
                         -of crystalized (candied)
                         -angelica, each about
                         -1/8 inch by 2 inches)
    2                    Almonds (blanched)
    2                    Pear halves, preferably
                         -canned (for
                         -authenticity), but
                         -cooked, fresh pear
                         -would do
   Carefully halve the almonds along the natural split in the nut.  (This is
   easiest after they are still wet from blanching.)  Place the pear halves,
   round side up, in the serving dish.
   At the narrow end of each half, add two almond halves to make mouse ears.
   At the other end, insert the angelica to make a tail.
   *  A quick pear dessert -- In general, a typical Australian dish is a
   typical British dish, which is to say a typical European or American dish
   with most of the subtleties of flavour (and difficulty in making) removed.
   The following dessert is a genuine Old Family Favorite in Australia.
   *  Candied angelica is almost impossible to find in North America. Anything
   else with the appropriate properties of sweetness and shape may be
   substituted, e.g.  a piece of chocolate or candy cut to size, such as an
   Ovation mint divided longitudinally.
   : Difficulty:  easy.
   : Time:  2 minutes.
   : Precision:  don't measure, count.
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